Chetwode, Logo

Why C H E T W O D E?

Chetwode is  a  small  village  set  in  the  county  of  Buckinghamshire.  It  is old enough to be listed in the Doomsday  Book  of  1086 commissioned  by William the Conqueror.

Like  many  families,  its  branches  have  spread  out  over the world. The English  Chetwodes later  rose  to become members of the British aristocracy.  The  Chetwode  family

 arrived in America in the late 1600's and settled in New England, Virginia and California under various spellings of the name. My association with the Virginia Chitwoods was the

 inspiration  for  our  company's  name.  Its  small  origins  but  large  reach, sustainability over time, preservation of sound ethics and honoring ones commitments to friends and

customers, are also what we seek for our business.


                                                            Mike Pagett