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Why Purchase Custom Cabinetry?

Why have a kitchen that came out of a box when you can have one that is out of this world. By choosing an experienced designer/cabinetmaker to create your  custom  cabinetry  it  becomes  an  extension  of  your  personality,  lifestyle  and  individuality.  Our  design/cabinetmaking  teamwill work closely with you to design, build, finish and install cabinetry that meets your  personal  tastes.  The  right  design  will  give a completelywhole  new  layout  to  your  kitchen  using  the  right  materials,  finishes  and  fixtures  chosen  specifically  for  you.  In  addition to the ability to completely customize cabinetry suited to your every need, choosing a custom cabinetmaker gives you the opportunity to:

  • 1. Be 100% involved in the design process
  • 2. Use the highest quality materials of your choice
  • 3. Access a wider variety of products and accessories to fit your personal and desired needs
  • The  best  part  about  your  custom  cabinetry is the high quality products that are used by your cabinetmaker with extreme attention  to  every  detail,  especially  when  compared  to  stock or  prefabricated cabinets. Your custom cabinetry will be stronger, precisely constructed and more durable with a high level finish.

Take a look at the comparison between custom and prefabricated cabinets:

Custom Cabinetry Prefabricated Cabinetry
Your Personal Design Lower Grade Materials
Custom fit, utilizing all available space Standard sizes and fillers
Built locally right here in Norwalk Shipped from regional distribution centers
Countless options - Including green alternatives Stock materials with limited choices
Work closely with a meticulous, designer, and cabinet maker Limited colors and finishes
Endless selection of finishes and colors